Condo & Townhome Insurance

Providing insurance coverage that protects you, your condo or townhome, and your belongings.

Californians who purchase townhomes or condominiums band together to form homeowner associations. One of the several purposes of the association is to arrange insurance coverage for the entire complex of buildings. There are several coverages which are not included in their master policy which include:

  • Building property
  • Real property pertinent exclusively to the residence or premises
  • Structures at the residence premises under the ownership of the insured
  • Alterations, appliances and fixtures inside of the owners premises
  • Loss assessment, many times, is included in the master policy put can be increased under Condo/Townhome's individual policy.

We provide Condo / Townhome coverage with the purpose of plugging the coverage gaps that exist between your personal policy and the master association policy. Most of the time, the association master policy provides, at a minimum, the exterior walls of your unit and the floors, but in the end, makes you responsible for some or all of the remainder of your unit which can result in several thousands of dollars in damages if left uninsured.

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