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Are you looking for affordable home insurance providers in California? Whether you need new home insurance coverage or are interested in replacing your current homeowners insurance, trying to sift through different home insurance companies and available choices for home insurance quotes can be a big hassle.

We have the ability to shop your Home Insurance with multiple carriers nationwide.

That means we can find the best home insurance estimate. Our home insurance brokers are the best in the area. They know all of the affordable home insurance providers, and they understand the differences and similarities between a home insurance policy and a property insurance policy, as well as hidden nuances.

We analyze all plans with your priorities in mind. We examine how the plan will mitigate damages and benefit you. Then we narrow the options to your best choices. We'll help you buy low-cost home insurance that will meet your needs.

Most Californians make the mistake of shopping their Homeowners policy solely based on price. What usually ends up occurring with this situation is the homeowner now has a policy with the wrong protection! Our agency works with you to make sure that each aspect of your Home policy protects you from the following:

  • Dwelling
    The dwelling and anything attached to the dwelling (fences, patios, driveways or walkways). Materials on or adjacent to the location for use in the construction, alteration or repair of. Protection is insured against may include Fire, Lightning, Windstorm, Hail, Explosion, Riot, Aircraft, Smoke and Vandalism or Malicious mischief.
  • Other Structures
    Fences patios, driveways and walkways separated from the dwelling by clear space.
  • Personal Property
    Usual to the occupancy as a dwelling and owned or used by you or the members at the location.
  • Loss of Rent and Rental Value
    Meaning loss of rental income to you, from that part of the Described Location at the time of the loss, less any expenses that do not continue while that part of the Described Location rented uninhabitable.
  • Liability
    A claim is made or a suit is brought against any insured for damages because of a bodily injury or property damage caused by an occurrence.

What sets us apart from the other agencies is that we go over your home in detail. For example, we calculate the percentage of your homes hardwood flooring versus carpet versus laminate. These details have a great impact on limits of coverage your policy should reflect. In addition, we provide extra coverage for high valued items in your home such as furs, jewelry, stamp collections, art, stones and other precious metals.

If you're in California, and would like more information on home and property insurance, contact us today.

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